​​HockeyStar Skills Competition Rules:

​- Fastest skater competition (2 skaters will start at oppsosite red lines and will be timed on how fast they can skate a single lap, HockeyStar with the fastest lap wins)

​- Hardest shot competition - ON ICE (each player will be given 2 chances to record their hardest shot, HockeyStar with the hardest shot wins)

​-Breakaway shootout competition (each player will be given 2 opportunities in the first round to score a goal, if successful they move to the next round, after the first round it is an elimination shootout, last HockeyStar standing wins)

​- Obstacle course competition (each player will skate with a puck around the set pylons, the HockeyStar with the fastest time wins)

​- All Star Game (3 x 15 minute periods, we will divide all HockeyStars up and play an All Star game)

HockeyStar Skills Competition Details:
- Fastest skater Competition
- Hardest shot competition - on ice
- Breakaway shootout competition
- Obstacle course competiton
- All star game (3 x 15 minute periods)
- One of a kind prize for each winner in each category

- The cost will be $120

- To register please send an e-transfer to info@hockeystar.org and click on registration and follow the instructions 

HockeyStar.org presents the 2016

HockeyStar Skills Competition
Friday November 18th 2016 @
Scotiabank Pond