HockeyStar Skills Competition starts at 9:00am sharp and will end at 3:00pm. Please Bring a white and a dark jersey. presents the 2016HockeyStar Skills Competition

​Friday November 18th 2016 @

​Scotiabank Pond

Hockeystar Skills Competition Details:

- Fastest skater Competition

- Hardest shot on-ice competition

- Breakaway shootout competition

- Obstacle Course competiton

- All star game (3 x 15 minute periods)

- One of a kind prize for each winner in each category

- Grand prize for overall winner of the Super Skills Competition

- The cost will be $120

- 2005's, 2006's and 2007's
- To register please send an e-transfer to and click on registration and follow the instructions 

​- Go to for more details and rules